October 7, 2016

Roster Breakdown

The 2016-2017 roster is dominated by the USHL with 39% of it having played in the league before heading to Cornell. The AJHL is next on the list with 5 students having prepped in Alberta. The rest of the roster is scattered among 7 leagues, led by the BCHL with 3.

Roster by league:
USHL (11)
AJHL (5)
BCHL (3)
CCHL (2)
OJHL (2)
NE Prep (2)
NAHL (1)

There are five programs which sent two players each to Cornell: Fort McMurray (AJHL), Indiana (USHL), Omaha (USHL), St. Mike's (OJHL), and the USNTP (USHL).

The roster is evenly split between Canada and the USA. Ontario leads the way with 7 students calling the Trillium province home.

Roster by hometown (i.e., State, Province, etc):
Ontario (7)
New York (3)
Quebec (3)
Alberta (2)
Colorado (2)
Illinois (2)
Massachusetts (2)
California (1)
Delaware (1)
Minnesota (1)
Missouri (1)
New Brunswick (1)
New Jersey (1)
Nova Scotia (1)