October 29, 2009

2009 ECAC Hockey Recruiting Final Rankings

Here's BRP's final look at the ECAC's 2009-2010 recruiting classes. For the third year in a row, Harvard claims the magic puck. It's time for the men of Donato to step up -- will this be the year? Or, perhaps the year will belong to RPI which has also had a string of recent recruiting successes.

For the second year in a row the ECAC has 11 NHL-drafted recruits entering the league, spread among 6 schools.

The basic formula remains largely unchanged for previous editions. The final numerical score is no longer displayed since it is translated into a letter grade.

2009 ECAC Hockey

1) Harvard - Players, 8; Grade, A+
  • Another stellar class heads to Cambridge. From top to bottom there's nothing but quality.
    Buzz: Louis Leblanc (6', 178), 1991-born forward, Omaha/USHL. USHL's Rookie of the Year should be the favorite to pick up similar honors in the ECAC.
    NHL: Louis Leblanc, #18 (Montreal) in 2009.
    NHL: Alexander Fallstrom, #116 (Minnesota/Boston) in 2009.

    2) RPI - Players, 5; Grade, A
  • Brandon Pirri and Jerry D'Amigo add more ammunition to a growing arsenal.
    Buzz: Brandon Pirri (6', 170), 1991-born forward, Georgetown/OJHL. It's difficult to pick between Pirri and D'Amigo, but Pirri gets the nod to challenge Leblanc for the league's top rookies.
    NHL: Brandon Pirri, #59 (Chicago) in 2009.
    NHL: Jerry D'Amigo, #158 (Toronto) in 2009.

    3t) Dartmouth - Players, 6; Grade, B+
  • Small class focused on restocking the forward position.
    Buzz: Dustin Walsh (6' 2", 175), 1991-born forward, Trenton/OJHL. Good frame that will need some time to fill in. Considering he's reportedly a tough, relentless player already...that bodes ill for opponents.
    NHL: Mark Goggin, #197 (Boston) in 2008.
    NHL: Dustin Walsh, #169 (Montreal) in 2009.

    3t) Colgate - Players, 8; Grade, B+
  • Needed to replenish its blueline and brought in four, two of whom were selected in the 2009 draft.
    Buzz: Thomas Larkin (6' 4", 215), 1990-born defenseman, Phillips Exeter/Prep. Adds more size to a Raider backend that's gotten much bigger the past two years.
    NHL: Jeremy Price, #113 (Vancouver) in 2009.
    NHL: Thomas Larkin, #137 (Columbus) in 2009.

    5) Cornell - Players, 9; Grade, B
  • One of five schools bringing in multiple NHL draftees. Class has a dash of everything.
    Buzz: John Esposito (5' 10", 170), 1991-born forward, Notre Dame/SJHL. It's tough not to go with either of the drafted defenders, but the league's youngest incoming player is going to be fun to watch.
    NHL: Braden Birch, #179 (Chicago) in 2008.
    NHL: Nick D'Agostino, #210 (Pittsburgh) in 2008.

    6) Princeton - Players, 6; Grade, B-
  • Nice blend of forwards add nicely to Princeton's existing firepower.
    Buzz: Michael Sdao (6' 4", 215), 1989-born defenseman, Lincoln/USHL. Big, physical banger will adds more size to the Tigers backend and help clean the crease.
    NHL: Michael Sdao, #191 (Ottawa) in 2009.

    7) Clarkson - Players, 6; Grade, C+
  • Talent across the board; filled every position. The Knights did very well with home-state cooking, picking up 4 players with NY connections.
    Buzz: Nik Pokulok (6' 5", 220), 1990-born defenseman, Northwood/Prep. Little brother of Sasha. Should receive a warm welcome in his trips to Lynah.

    8) Yale - Players, 7; Grade, C-
  • Just when it looked like Yale was going big again, here comes another dazzling smurf...
    Buzz: Andrew Miller (5' 9", 175), 1988-born forward, Chicago/USHL. USHL's top scorer and top player. What else is there to say?

    9t) St. Lawrence - Players, 7; Grade, D+
  • Class is loaded with defensive players, but it might be the lone forward who steals the headlines.
    Buzz: Kyle Flanagan (5' 11", 190), 1989-born forward, Cedar Rapids/USHL. Solid point producer in junior play with enough experience to make an immediate impact.

    9t) Quinnipiac - Players, 13; Grade, D+
  • In time this may turn out to be the league's best class. At 13, the 'Cats only have to hit on half the class to score big.
    Buzz: Reese Rolheiser (5' 10", 170), 1988-born center, Sherwood Park/Alberta JHL. 5-year AJHL player who led the league in scoring last season.

  • 11t) Brown - Players, 9; Grade, D-
  • Added some needed spark up front and some skill on the backend.
    Buzz: Rich Crowley (6' 1", 188), 1991-born defenseman, USNTDP. New coach, new system...Crowley should be a good beginning.

    11t) Union - Players, 8; Grade, D-
  • The Dutchmen continues to focus on more experienced players, which has helped its move up the standings.
    Buzz: Wayne Simpson (5' 11", 190), 1989-born forward, Lawrence/Prep. Finished second in scoring in NE Prep play; should get rolling quickly.
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