June 20, 2008

2008-2009 Roster Update, II

The BCHL commitments' page now lists Chris Moulson as a 2009-2010 commit. Alberni Valley has its current roster up and Chris is indeed returning to the Bulldogs for another year.

So, the Big Red now appear ready to welcome seven new members to the team. The incoming class features three forwards (Sean Collins, Locke Jillson, and Jordan Kary), three defensemen (Braden Birch, Keir Ross, and Sean Whitney), and one goalie (Michael Garman). The class features students from three states (Colorado, Massachusetts, and two from Texas) and three provinces (Alberta, Manitoba, and one from Ontario).

Cornell's roster is currently comprised of 14 forwards, 10 defensemen, and 4 goalies. At 28, the roster is two players above the average size of recent classes (at least for this decade). Given the number of early departures and injuries the team has had to deal with the past few seasons, the staff will undoubtedly welcome the depth and competition this fall should bring.

Here's the breakdown by class and position:

Seniors: 7 (4 in 2007-2008)
F - Evan Barlow
F - Michael Kennedy (C)
F - Tyler Mugford (A)
D - Taylor Davenport
D - Jared Seminoff (A)
G - Troy Davenport
G - Dan DiLeo

Juniors: 6 (7 in 2007-2008)
F - Blake Gallagher
F - Colin Greening (C)
F - Joe Scali
D - Justin Krueger
D - Brendon Nash
G - Ben Scrivens

Sophomores: 8 (6 in 2007-2008)
F - Joe Devin
F - Patrick Kennedy
F - Riley Nash
F - Dan Nicholls
F - Tyler Roeszler
D - Jordan Berk
D - Mike Devin
D - Jacob Johnston

Freshmen: 7 (8 in 2007-2008)
F - Sean Collins
F - Locke Jillson
F - Jordan Kary
D - Braden Birch
D - Keir Ross
D - Sean Whitney
G - Michael Garman

On the horizon...

Targets (5-8): Fs: 3-5, Ds: 1-2, Gs: 1
  • F - Erik Axell
  • F - Kevin Cole (expected to defer to 2010)
  • F - Vince Mihalek
  • F - Chris Moulson
  • D - Nick D'Agostino
  • D - Jarred Seymour (could defer to 2010)

    For 2009 & 2010: The Big Red is in pretty good shape for next year's class at this point. Pending additional changes to the roster, Cornell will lose three forwards, with three now lined up (assuming Kevin Cole defers another year, as expected). The remaining needs (at forward) depend on whether there are any early departures next season, so look for another 1 or 2 forwards to be added to this class -- and of course, there's always room for some speedy snipers who can play both ways. On defense, Cornell will say goodbye to two students and, with Nick D'Agostino and Jarred Seymour already committed, the Big Red should be done recruiting the blueline. There is, of course, the possibility that Jarred defers a year, which opens up a spot. In the crease, Cornell will lose two goalies (and it will be Ben Scrivens' final season), so look for a goalie to be added to the class.

    Anonymous said...

    Any truth to Chris Heisenberg's website saying that Sean Whitney has deferred until 2009?

    BRP said...

    Unless something happens at the midnight hour, Sean is scheduled to be skating in Lynah this fall.