March 10, 2008

2008 ECAC Hockey Recruiting Rankings: Midterm

Here's the updated look at the ECAC's 2008-2009 recruiting classes. Again, the formula from last year remains unchanged. For background, take a look at last year's final rankings. BRP's next update will be after the NHL draft.

Note: Students listed on Chris Heisenberg's list as 2008 or 2009 are assumed to be entering with the 2008 class.

ECAC Hockey

1) Dartmouth - Players, 5; Grade, A+
  • Not a lot of bodies, but they're talented. The Green is also stacking the deck for 2009. They should be back...and soon.
    Pre-Buzz: Paul Lee (6' 3", 210), 1989-born center, Avon/Prep. Big and skilled...nice combination. Lee was the second-leading goal scorer on the Division 1 Prep champs.
    NHL: Troy Mattila, #190 (New York Islanders) in 2006.

    2) Colgate - Players, 5; Grade, A+
  • Like Dartmouth, not a lot of quantity, but a lot of quality. Alex Evin could make the difference in how quickly 'Gate returns to the top of the standings.
    Pre-Buzz: Nicholas Prockow (6' 1", 180), 1989-born center, Berkshire/Prep. Berkshire's top scorer the past two years.
    NHL: Corbin McPherson, #87 (New Jersey) in 2007.
    NHL: Austin Smith, #128 (Dallas) in 2007.

    3) Harvard - Players, 8; Grade, A
  • Another deep and talented class. Eat your heart out, ECAC.
    Pre-Buzz: Ryan Grimshaw (6', 180), 1990-born blueliner, USNTDP. Tough, relentless worker is going to give opponents fits.
    NHL: Alexander Killorn, #77 (Tampa Bay) in 2007.

    4) Yale - Players, 9; Grade, B+
  • Did a good job picking up players from the USHL.
    Pre-Buzz: Nick Maricic (6' 2", 208), 1990-born goalie, USNTDP. Is having a solid season for the National Team.

    T5) Clarkson - Players, 6; Grade, B
  • Class is full of scary scorers. Should keep things kicking at Cheel.
    Pre-Buzz: Julien Cayer (6' 4", 160), 1989-born center, Northwood/Prep. Talent striker who should make for some long nights in the crease.

    T5) St. Lawrence - Players, 4; Grade, B
  • The Saints pick up a couple of solid defenders from the prep ranks.
    Pre-Buzz: George Hughes (6' 2", 175), 1988-born defenseman, Taft/Prep. Might need a little more weight, but should be ready to contribute in October.

    7) RPI - Players, 7; Grade, B-
  • Not as flashy as last year's class, but there's a lot to like in this group.
    Pre-Buzz: Mike Bergin (6' 2", 185), 1988-born defenseman, Smiths Falls/CJHL. Could be the surprise of a class deep in forwards.
    NHL: Allen York, #158 (Columbus) in 2007.

    8) Brown - Players, 10; Grade, C+
  • Bringing in a wave of new players with the league's biggest class: four of whom are 6' 2" or bigger.
    Pre-Buzz: Jack MacLellan (5' 10", 175), 1988-born center, Ft. McMurry/Alberta JHL. Nice playmaking center who finished among the top-5 in scoring in the AJHL.
    NHL: Kevin Koopman, #181 (Ottawa) in 2006.

    9) Cornell - Players, 8; Grade, C
  • Putting the big back in Big Red. Joins Brown with four players 6' 2" or bigger. Sean Collins could be one of the more underrated members of the league's class.
    Pre-Buzz: Keir Ross (6', 185), 1989-born defenseman, Omaha/USHL. Solid technician. When he's on the ice good things usually happen.

    10) Princeton - Players, 6; Grade, C
  • The Tigers could afford to be selective, and selected speed.
    Pre-Buzz: Derrick Pallis (6' 1", 165), 1989-born defenseman, Nobles/Prep. One of the top Prep setup players. Will have lots of hungry Tigers to feed.

    11) Union - Players, 7; Grade, C-
  • The Dutchmen put together another class heavy on experience. Did a good job in the BCHL.
    Pre-Buzz: Brian Yanovitch (5' 11", 180), 1988-born forward, Bridgewater/EJHL. A speedy player who doesn't quit and is fun to watch.

    12) Quinnipiac - Players, 9; Grade, D
  • The Bobcats also spent a lot of time in BC.
    Pre-Buzz: Spencer Heichman (5' 7", 155), 1989-born forward, Sioux City/USHL. A diminutive, speedy forward who could excel in Quinnipiac's high-powered offense.


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