February 1, 2008

January Poll Results

February dawns with a nasty ice storm in Ithaca. Colgate comes to Lynah to begin the month -- did you pick up extra toothpaste?

Last month, BRP asked the following question: "What was the biggest surprise of 2007?"

The results were as follows:

  • 23% -- Q's playoff sweep at Lynah
  • 20% -- RIT beats Cornell
  • 16% -- Milo transfers to Vermont
    Will never look as good in green.
  • 15% -- Romano bolts for London
    Who wouldn't have wanted to see Riley and Romano rushing up ice?
  • 14% -- Cornell-BU sellout MSG
    One...we want more...
  • 12% -- Riley selects Cornell
    Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Nash.

    Thank you, once again, for voting & please remember to vote in this month's Puckhead Poll.
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