February 19, 2008

Good Knight, Nik

USHR has reported that Nik Pokulok committed to Clarkson. Nik (6'5", 220) is a 1990-born defenseman from Vaudreuil, Quebec, and is currently attending Northwood Prep. Nik is the younger brother of former Cornellian Sasha Pokulok, who is currently playing with Hershey in the AHL.

Pokulok is a nice pickup for Clarkson, which is putting together another great recruiting class.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, brothers and sons who are not recruited by other schools flock to Cornell while brothers who are recruited by other schools don't. Why wouldn't Sasha have encouraged his "little" brother to play for Mike Schafer? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Schafer even recruited him

BRP said...

That doesn't seem fair at all. It'd take too long to go through the list brother by brother and son by son, suffice it to say: Riley Nash.

Since neither Sasha nor Nik has contacted BRP, who's to say Sasha didn't encourage Nik to play for Cornell? Perhaps it came down to having an offer in-hand and not wanting to gamble on the Ivy admission process. Perhaps it came down to an earlier opportuntiy to begin his collegiate career and start the pro clock ticking. Remember, Cornell's next two defensive classes appear to be full. Most likely, the earliest Nik would have been able to attend Cornell is 2010. Maybe he didn't want to spend an extra year playing junior.

Best wishes to Nik. It'll be fun to see what type of reception he receives from the Faithful.

BRP said...

It's not clear whether Cornell was involved with Nik. It's difficult to imagine they weren't, unless he simply didn't appear to have the grades -- it doesn't sound, however, as if that was the case.