November 1, 2007

October Poll Recap

The season has begun, though on a bit of a downer...let's just blame it on global warming. This weekend brings the home opener against Princeton. That's back-to-back games against Tigers, followed by a game against the Bobcats. That was for all our cat fans.

Last month, BRP asked the following question: "Whom would you prefer to be Cornell's next verbal for 2008/2009?"

The results were as follows:

  • 21% -- Tyler Pistone (Nanaimo/BCHL):
    Off to a slow start, but highly-regarded.
  • 17% -- Dan Ford (Syracuse/EJHL):
    Smooth skater; nice offensive skill set.
  • 13% -- Justin Favreau (Nanaimo/BCHL):
    Heady blueliner; technically sound.
  • 11% -- PJ Tatum (Lincoln/USHL):
    Scorer at every level he's played, so far.
  • 10% -- Chance Lieb (CD Selects/EJHL):
    Ithaca native in his 2nd season in the EJ.
  • 10% -- Devin Roeszler (Chatham/WOHL):
    Becoming one of Chatham's top options.
  • 9% -- Mike Cieslak (Bay State/EJHL):
    Rochester native; quick, big, and smart.
  • 9% -- Kent Patterson (Cedar Rapids/USHL):
    Banged up at season's beginning; 2006 NHL pick.

    Thank you, once again, for voting & please remember to vote in this month's Puckhead Poll.
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