November 6, 2007

ECAC Hockey Recruiting Rankings: Prelim

Here's the first look at the ECAC's 2008-2009 recruiting classes. The formula from last year remains unchanged. For background, take a look at last year's final rankings.

Please note that Colgate and St. Lawrence are currently unranked due to the small size of each class. Each school will be calculated when it hits a class size of four.

Students listed on Chris Heisenberg's list as 2008 or 2009 are assumed to be entering with the 2008 class.

BRP's next update will be after Central Scouting mid-term rankings are released in January. Note: the updated rankings will be published after SLU has added a fourth member to their class.

ECAC Hockey

1) Harvard - Players, 6; Score, 133
  • Donato's a recruiting machine. Soon he'll be expected to win big.
    Pre-Buzz: Matt Hoyle (6 3"', 195), 1990-born goalie, Indiana/USHL. A shutdown backstop for an increasingly talented defensive corps?
    NHL: Alexander Killorn, #77 (Tampa Bay) in 2007.

    2) Dartmouth - Players, 4; Score, 125
  • Going Green seems to be rather popular these days.
    Pre-Buzz: Paul Lee (6' 3", 210), 1989-born center, Avon Old Farms. Big and skilled...nice combination.
    NHL: Troy Mattila, #190 (New York Islanders) in 2006.

    3) Brown - Players, 6; Score, 92
  • Maybe those UPS commericals have something.
    Pre-Buzz: Jack MacLellan (5' 10", 175), 1988-born center, Ft. McMurry/Alberta JHL. Nice playmaking center who's one of the top scorers in the AJHL.
    NHL: Kevin Koopman, #181 (Ottawa) in 2006.

    4) Clarkson - Players, 4; Score, 88
  • Continues to recruit very well in their backyard.
    Pre-Buzz: Julien Cayer (6' 4", 160), 1989-born center, Northwood Prep. Talent striker who could be scary when he fills out.

    5) RPI - Players, 6; Score, 83
  • Following up last year's effort nicely thus far..
    Pre-Buzz: Patrick Cullen (6', 180), 1989-born forward, Indiana/USHL. Off to a slow start, but a smooth skating forward who should be a fan favorite.
    NHL: Allen York, #158 (Columbus) in 2007.

    T6) Cornell - Players, 6; Score, 75
  • Scored big in Texas, twice.
    Pre-Buzz: Keir Ross (6', 185), 1989-born defenseman, Omaha/USHL. Solid technician. When he's on the ice good things usually happen.

    T6) Yale - Players, 8; Score, 75
  • Currently the biggest class in the league.
    Pre-Buzz: Nick Maricic (6' 2", 208), 1990-born goalie, USNTDP. Is off to an incredible start for the National Team.

    8) Union - Players, 4; Score, 64
  • The Dutchmen appear to be putting together another class heavy on experience.
    Pre-Buzz: Brian Yanovitch (5' 11", 180), 1988-born forward, Bridgewater/EJHL. A speedy player who doesn't quit and is fun to watch.

    9) Princeton - Players, 3; Score, 33
  • All offense, so far.
    Pre-Buzz: Josh Levine (5' 10", 205), 1988-born forward, Green Bay/USHL. Talented scorer from Minnesota, though off to a slow start for the Gamblers.

    10) Quinnipiac - Players, 4; Score, 13
  • All BCHL players to date.
    Pre-Buzz: Joey Manley (5' 10", 172), 1988-born center, Langley/BCHL. Off to a decent start in his rookie season in British Columbia.

    **) Colgate - Players, 2; Score, NA
  • It would appear the Raiders are 2 for 2.
    Pre-Buzz: Nicholas Prockow (6' 1", 180), 1989-born center, Berkshire Academy. Berkshire's top scorer last year
    NHL: Austin Smith, #128 (Dallas) in 2007.

    **) St. Lawrence - Players, 1; Score, NA
  • The Saints picked up a solid first recruit.
    Pre-Buzz: Jordan Dewey (6' 1", 185), 1989-born defenseman, Westminster Prep. Reported to be a smooth skating blueliner with offensive surprise.

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