June 22, 2007

Andy Iles Update

Brandon Thomas has a nice article in today's Ithaca Journal on Andy Iles. The good news for Cornell fans is that the article confirms that the Big Red are currently among Andy's final five (along with BC, Michigan, Northeastern, and Notre Dame).

BRP did a brief report on Andy's play during last year's Caren Classic.

An interesting sidenote: There is a possibility that two local goalies could be future teammates and play their home games before friends and family at Lynah. Cornell is currently being considered by both Chance Lieb (1990-born) and Andy Iles (1992-born). This is probably a rather remote possibility since both players will be under intense pressure to take their game elsewhere, particularly the OHL. Of course, Cornell has a pretty impressive history of producing goalies who are Hobey Baker finalists, All-Americans, and professional prospects. It is believed that this would be a first for Cornell's storied hockey program (calling The Big Red What...).

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