December 29, 2006

2006-2007 Roster Updated, Part IV

According to an article in today's Ithaca Journal, Matt Conners has left the team. It's always unfortunate when things don't work out for someone, and for Matt (who had yet to appear in an official game) it appears it was time to look for another opportunity. Here's hoping things work out well for Matt in the future.

This is the fourth time we've updated this year's roster...please be the last.

Seniors: 7 (6 in 2005-2006)
F - Byron Bitz
F - Mitch Carefoot
F - Matt Hedge
F - Mark McCutcheon
F - Kevin McLeod
D - Dan Glover
D - Evan Salmela

Juniors: 4 (7 in 2005-2006)
F - Chris Fontas
F - Raymond Sawada
F - Topher Scott
D - Doug Krantz

Sophomores: 8 (4 in 2005-2006)
F - Evan Barlow
F - Michael Kennedy
F - Ryan Kindret
F - Tyler Mugford
D - Taylor Davenport
D - Jared Seminoff
G - Troy Davenport
G - Dan DiLeo

Freshmen: 8 (8 in 2005-2006)
F - Blake Gallagher
F - Colin Greening
F - Justin Milo
F - Tony Romano
F - Joe Scali
D - Brendon Nash
D - Justin Krueger
G - Ben Scrivens

  • F - Joe Devin
  • F - Patrick Kennedy
  • D - Mike Devin
  • D - Jacob Johnston

  • G - Michael Garman

    Matt's departure brings Cornell's roster closer to their 6-year average, with respect to positional breakdown. The average during that time is 15 forwards, 8 defensemen, and 3 goalies. Cornell is now at 15-9-3 and, assuming (hoping) no one leaves early, next year's roster will have a 14-6-3 breakdown. This includes the Big Red's known committments for 2007-2008: Joe and Mike Devin, and Patrick Kennedy. From a pure average standpoint it looks like Cornell will look to add another forward and 2 more defensemen to next year's incoming class. Of course, this might also be an opportunity to bring in an additional forward (or 2) who may have been targeted for 2008. So look for another 1-3 forwards to go along with 2 more blueliners, giving the Big Red a class of 6-8.
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