November 1, 2006

Prospects: 2007 & 2008

Updated 4/11/07.

Reader beware: BRP attempts to aggregate as much information as possible. Nothing truly confidential should ever knowingly appear, rumor and guesswork, however, may be fair game.

At this point, it looks like the Big Red is still looking for 1 forward/center and 1-2 blueliners to fill out the incoming 2007 class. That assumes, of course, that no one leaves the program early. Given what's happened the past few years, the staff could choose to bring in a couple of additional players for insurance. The class should start to finalize as the various junior leagues conclude play.

As always, please remember that whether there is interest on Cornell's part, or on a student's part, is unconfirmed in most cases. Some of the players listed have been reported to either have interest in or be of interest to Cornell, while others are strong students who have expressed interest in some of the Ivies and would therefore be logical candidates or simply come from traditional recruiting areas and represent a working wish list.

Note: Some of this information is provided by Cornell fans near and far. Thank you & please keep the info coming. After all, we're just a bunch of Puckheads looking for a Big Red fix.

(H) Chris Heisenberg's ranking.
(N) NHL Central Scouting Watch List -- A = 1st-2nd round potential; B = 3rd-5th round potential; C = later round potential.

2007 Prospects


  • Joe Devin (6' 1", 200), 1987, Nanaimo/BCHL.
    Committed to Cornell.
    H: Ranked 33rd among BCHL players (down from 24th).

  • Patrick Kennedy (6' 3", 200), 1988, St Thomas/WOHL.
    Committed to Cornell.
    H: Ranked 11th among Ontario/Eastern Canada players.
    N: C rating.

  • Riley Nash (6' 1", 175), 1989, Salmon Arm/BCHL.
    Committed to Cornell.
    H: Ranked 5th among BCHL players.
    N: C rating.

  • Dan Nicholls (6' 0", 195), 1988, Bowmanville/OPJHL.
    Committed to Cornell.
    H: Ranked 140th among Ontario/Eastern Canada players.

  • Tyler Roeszler (5' 7", 170), 1988, Chatham/WOHL.
    Committed to Cornell.
    H: Ranked 59th among Ontario/Eastern Canada players.

  • Chris Moulson (5' 11", 185), 1988, Listowel/MWJHL.
    Brother of former Cornell star Matt Moulson. Could be a 2008 recruit.
    H: Ranked 117th among Ontario/Eastern Canada players (down from 108th).

  • Mike Cieslak (6' 2", 175), 1989, U.S. NTDP.
    Rochester, NY native. Interest unknown.
    H: Ranked 12th among NTDP players.


  • Mike Devin (6' 2", 205), 1987, Nanaimo/BCHL.
    Committed to Cornell.
    H: Ranked 13th among BCHL players.

  • Jacob Johnston (6' 0", 180), 1988, Sudbury/NOJHL.
    Committed to Cornell. Some confusion over whether he's walking-on or not.
    H: Ranked 131st among Ontario/Eastern Canada players (down from 119th).

  • Jordan Berk (5' 11", 190), 1988, Salmon Arm/BCHL.
    Committed to Cornell.
    H: Ranked 42nd among BCHL players.

  • Scott Jenks (5' 11", 182), 1989, Woodstock/Maritime JHL.
    Former Choate Prep player. Member of 2006 Atlantic U17 team. Might be a 2008. Interest unknown.
    H: Ranked 47th among Ontario/Eastern Canada (up from 51st).

  • Damon Kipp (6' 2", 190), 1988, Salmon Arm/BCHL.
    Teammate of Riley Nash on Team Canada West in the World Junior A Challenge. Interest unknown.
    H: Ranked 15th among BCHL players.

  • Wilson Ngai (6' 2", 180), 1989, Toronto/OPJHL.
    Could be a 2008 recruit. Strong student. Interest unknown.
    H: Ranked 34th among Ontario/Eastern Canada players (down from 17th).

    Here's some additional names that may be of interest. Again, it's very difficult to ascertain which students fit Cornell's academic profile, so this is more of a list of names that should not be forgotten.

  • Sean Coughlin, Cushing/Prep.
  • Sean Curran, Taft/Prep.
  • Angelo Vrachnas, NY/Atlantic JHL.
  • Justin Porpora, NY/Atlantic JHL.
  • William Day, Washington/Atlantic JHL.
  • Ryan McKiernan, NJ/Eastern JHL.
  • Tyler Pederson, Sioux City/USHL.
  • Brendan Burlon, St. Mike's/OPJHL.
  • Stephen Duffy, St. Mike's/OPJHL.
  • Kyle Atkins, Brockville/COJHL.
  • Tony Yearego, Sarnia/WOHL.
  • Kealin Wong, Estevan/SJHL.
  • Riley Clark, Notre Dame/SJHL.
  • Luke Brisebois, Notre Dame/SJHL.
  • Dan Nycholat, Canmore/Alberta JHL.
  • Nolan Julseth-White, Langley/BCHL.
  • Russell Goodman, Nanaimo/BCHL.
  • Ryan Wagner, Penticton/BCHL.
  • Ashford McMaster, Victoria/BCHL.
  • Drew MacKenzie, Taft/Prep. (Vermont)

    2008 Prospects


  • Locke Jillson (5' 10", 160), 1988, Dallas/AAA.
    Committed to Cornell.

  • Tyler Pistone (5' 11", 169), 1990, Nanaimo/BCHL.
    Playing his rookie year with the Clippers. Cornell Brown, and Yale involved.
    H: Ranked 3rd among 2008 BCHL players (down from 2nd).

  • Jesse Brown (6' 3", 190), 1990, Syracuse/EJHL.
    Currently lists Cornell, Clarkson, Colgate, and Harvard. Could be a 2009 recruit. Might be swayed by a big OHL offer. Drafted by Owen Sound.
    H: Ranked 11th among 2008 Massachusetts/New England players (up from 13th).

  • PJ Tatum (5' 9", 160), 1988, Gunnery/Prep.
    Currently plays with Colgate-bound Austin Smith. 2nd-leading scorer in the NEPSIHA, D1. ECAC & HE schools in the running.

  • Joe Colborne (6' 3", 175), 1990, Camrose/Alberta JHL.
    Another outstanding student that should be a major target. Interest unknown.
    H: Ranked 1st among 2008 AJHL players.

  • Kevin McCarey (5' 11", 176), 1990, U.S. NTDP.
    Syracuse native who played in the EJHL last year. Interest unknown. OHL 8th-round selection by Plymouth, probably would have been much higher if not for his NCAA-leanings. BU in the lead?
    H: Ranked 4th among 2008 NTDP players (up from 5th).

  • Devon Roeszler (5' 11", 165), 1990, Chatham/WOHL.
    Brother of 2007 recruit, Tyler Roeszler. Finshed his rookie season with Chatham this year. May be a 2009 recruit.
    H: Ranked 11th among 2008 Ontario/Eastern Canada players.


  • Joe Ramieri (6' 2", 170), 1990, Avon Old Farms/Prep.
    Could be a 2009 recruit. National Honor Society student who is interested in Cornell, BC, Brown, Colgate, Dartmouth, Merrimack, New Hampshire, Providence, St. Lawrence, and Vermont.
    H: Ranked 25th among Massachusetts/New England players (down from 21st).

  • Ryan Grimshaw (6', 180), 1990, U.S. NTDP.
    Rochester native who is an outstanding student. Spent last year at Salisbury. Appears ECACHL bound. Harvard may be the team to beat - Michigan trying to get in the game. Like McCarey, also drafted by Plymouth in the 2006 OHL draft.
    H: Ranked 8th among 2008 NTDP players (up from 9th).

  • Keir Ross (6', 185), 1989, Omaha/USHL.
    Ivies and WCHA nterest.
    H: Ranked 10th among 2008 USHL players.

  • Justin Favreau (6' 1", 191), 1988, Nanaimo/BCHL.
    Another Clipper? Cornell is reportedly in the mix.
    H: Ranked 32nd among BCHL players (down from 27th).

  • Doug Leaverton (6' 4", 195), 1989, Mahoning Valley/NAHL.
    Could be a 2007 recruit. Interest unknown.
    H: Ranked 6th among NAHL players.
    N: C rating.


  • Mike Garman (6' 1", 190), 1988, Nanaimo/BCHL.
    Committed to Cornell.
    H: Ranked 7th among BCHL goalies.

    2009 Prospects


  • Kevin Cole (5' 11", 175), 1991, Syracuse/Empire JBHL.
    Ithaca native off to a strong rookie season in junior B. Strong student; selected to Empire JHL All-Star game. Could be a 2010 recruit. Interest unknown.
    H: Currently unranked.

  • Connor Stokes (6' 0", 185), 1991, Syracuse/Empire JBHL.
    Another Ithaca native who's also enjoying a strong rookie season in junior B. Selected to Empire JHL All-Star game. Could be a 2010 recruit. Interest unknown.
    H: Currently unranked.

  • Justin Baker (5' 9", 155), 1991, Toronto/GTHLAAA.
    Reportedly a strong student from the talent rich Toronto region. Could be a 2010 recruit. Interest unknown.
    H: Currently unranked.




  • Chance Lieb (5' 11", 190), 1990, Capital District/EJHL.
    Ithaca native off to a strong rookie season. Interest unknown.
    H: Currently ranked 4th among 2008 Massachusetts/New England goalies.

    2010 Prospects






  • Andy Iles (5' 8", 150), 1992, Ithaca/New York HS.
    Freshman at Ithaca High School is already one of the top goalies in New York. Considered a strong candidate for the NTDP. May be off to prep school in 2007. Interest unknown.
    H: Currently unranked.

    Anonymous said...

    Eric Kroshus of Camrose is also supposedly being pursued by Cornell.

    Anonymous said...

    Another potential recruit is Eric Kroshus from Camrose of the AJHL. Rumor has it that he has been offered a spot with the Big Red already.

    Anonymous said...

    Making him a possibility for the next Big Red verbal commitment

    BRP said...

    Eric sounds like a solid prospect. I'll add his name to the Prospect Watchlist. Thanks.

    Currently, Cornell's looking at 15 forwards next year -- if no one leaves early. Regardless, Riley Nash is in if he wants to come to Cornell (that'd be 16). Perhaps they take another as depth insurance. If they do that, however, and no one leaves early they'll have quiet a logjam.

    Eric would make a strong start to the 2008 class, if he's interested in deferring.

    WordsSayNothing said...

    Might I suggest that you reorganize the list to separate out the people who have and haven't committed to Cornell? Perhaps, within each section, list the people committed to Cornell first, followed by the undecideds, and then finally the players who have committed elsewhere. I think that would make the list easier to read. (It's just somewhat frustrating to have to pick out the undecideds from the players who have been misled into committing anywhere other than Cornell.

    BRP said...

    WSN, good idea...all done. I wish it was as easy to change the minds of those misled.