August 24, 2006

BRP Preseason Readers' Poll

Classes have begun and hockey season is almost here. We're soliciting readers' thoughts on how the ECACHL race will turn out this year. Please send your rankings (1-12), along with the four teams you think will be in Albany for the Conference showdown, and your pick for the Conference Tournament Champion. One entrant will be randomly selected to receive a complimentary copy of Adam Wodon's Cornell University Hockey.

Send your selections to by October 15, 2006.

August 20, 2006

Ryan Grimshaw Update

Ryan Grimshaw, another in the line of great young talent coming out of Rochester, will be joining the National Team Development program in Ann Arbor this fall. Grimshaw, who finished his sophmore year playing for Salisbury Prep, has had a busy summer. He played in the National U16 Camp and the Empire Games (both in Rochester), earning an invite to the NTDP and helping the Western team win Gold.

Grimshaw (6' 0", 180) is reportedly a strong and technically sound defensiveman who is also a very good student. While at Salisbury he was an honor student and, according to a recent article in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, is looking for an Ivy education with the hope of one day attending Law School. Grimshaw sounds like a classic Cornell recruit. However, in an article in the Greece Post this summer, Grimshaw mentioned three Ivies he was considering: Brown, Harvard, and Yale. Here's hoping the staff is all over this young man.

August 13, 2006

Blueline Blues

With a little more than a week left before classes begin, what else is there to do but wonder if Cornell might bring in another defensive recruit to bolster its blueline depth? It seems unlikely that the Devin boys would be brought in a year early as they should both greatly benefit from having a year to play against better competition. It also seems unlikely that the twins would be split up, leaving one of them on the other side of the continent playing in another country. Of course, it could happen. Assuming that it doesn't here's a list of some of the top uncommitted players, according to Chris Heisenberg's site.

Bear in mind that the Devins were born in 1987 and that there are only two incoming recruits (Blake Gallagher and Tony Romano) who were born in 1988. That would seem to make it more plausible that those born in 1987 or earlier would be better prepared to make an early jump to the Big Red...well, at least it's probably more plausible than thinking someone could change their plans and gain admission in less than 10 days. It could also be that the coaching staff might be looking for someone who could come in for the second semester and provide some necessary depth. At any rate, the late decision by Ryan O'Byrne really put the team in a tough spot. Also, bear in mind that the academic qualifications of these young men are unknown to me.

Massachusetts & New England:
  • Jonathan Wolter (Westminster), 5' 11", 175. 1988.
  • Mike Cornell (Walpole/EJHL), 6', 185. 1988.
  • Matt Kronk (Jr. Bruins), 6' 3", 210. 1988.
  • Gavin Carson (Hotchkiss), 6' 5", 203. 1986. Playing in Hawkesbury, COJHL, this coming year.

    Ontario & Eastern Canada:
  • Stephen Duffy (St. Michael's/OPJHL), 6' 3", 207. 1987.
  • Brock Matheson (Kanatta/COJHL), 6' 1", 185. 1987.
  • Brad Wilson (Ottawa/COJHL), 6' 1", 175. 1987.
  • Benoit Gravel (Hawkesbury/COJHL), 6' 7", 225. 1987.

  • Corey Toy (Omaha), 6', 175. 1988.
  • Dan Lawson (Chicago), 6' 3", 230. 1988.
  • Jake Bauer (Sioux Falls), 6', 185. 1987.

    Minnesota & Midwest:
  • Cameron Cooper (Holy Angels), 5' 11", 173. 1988. Playing in Tri-City, USHL, this coming year.
  • Drake Herd (Breck), 5' 11", 175. 1987.
  • Alex Stuart (Shattuck St. Mary's), 5' 10", 170. 1988.
  • Tyler Pedersen (St. Louis Park), 6' 5", 213. 1987.

  • Trent Bonnett (Cleveland), 6' 2", 195. 1988.
  • Mike Levendusky (Texarkana), 6' 1", 190. 1986.
  • Chris Nutiri (Wichita Falls), 6', 185. 1987.
  • Colin Long (Texas), 6' 2", 190. 1987.

    Saskatchewan & Manitoba:
  • Chris DeBruyn (Melville/SJHL), 5' 10", 190. 1986.
  • Luke Brisebois (Notre Dame/SJHL), 6' 1", 185. 1986.
  • Rhett Reinhart (Nipawin/SJHL), 5' 10", 175. 1987.
  • Kealin Wong (Estevan/SJHL), 6', 180. 1987.

    Alberta JHL:
  • Nick Holden (Sherwood Park), 6' 3", 195. 1987.
  • Evan Oberg (Camrose), 6', 165. 1988.

  • Ryan Wagner (Penticton), 5' 10", 190. 1987.
  • Taylor Reid (Nanaimo), 6', 170. 1987.
  • Nolan Julseth-White (Langley), 6' 1", 185. 1988.
  • August 10, 2006

    2006-2007 Roster Updated, Again...Again

    Please let this be the last time this year's roster is being updated. If you have not heard, Ryan O'Byrne has signed with Montreal. This now means that Cornell has lost 9 players off of last year's team: 6 due to graduation and 3 to the AHL (most likely). Those graduated, of course, are Cam and Chris Abbott, Louis Chabot, Jon Gleed, Matt Moulson, and Dan Pegoraro. Those who left early were David McKee (Anaheim), Sasha Pokulok (Washington), and Ryan O'Byrne (Montreal). Collectively that's 4 forwards, 3 defensivemen, and 2 goalies.

    Assuming (fingers crossed, salt over the shoulder, et cetera) everyone else on the roster returns to school over the next few weeks, the roster will look like this:

    Seniors: 7 (6 in 2005-2006)
    F - Byron Bitz
    F - Mitch Carefoot
    F - Matt Hedge*
    F - Mark McCutcheon
    F - Kevin McLeod*
    D - Dan Glover
    D - Evan Salmela

    Juniors: 4 (7 in 2005-2006)
    F - Chris Fontas
    F - Raymond Sawada
    F - Topher Scott
    D - Doug Krantz

    Sophomores: 9 (4 in 2005-2006)
    F - Evan Barlow
    F - Matt Connors
    F - Michael Kennedy
    F - Ryan Kindret
    F - Tyler Mugford
    D - Taylor Davenport
    D - Jared Seminoff
    G - Troy Davenport
    G - Dan DiLeo

    Freshmen: 8 (8 in 2005-2006)
    F - Blake Gallagher
    F - Colin Greening
    F - Justin Milo
    F - Tony Romano
    F - Joe Scali
    D - Brendon Nash
    D - Justin Krueger
    G - Ben Scrivens

  • F - Joe Devin
  • D - Mike Devin
  • D -
  • D -
  • F -

    That means 26 players are now scheduled to be on campus when practice resumes. That compares to 25 players on the roster in 2005-2006 (though it would have been 26 had Shane Hynes not left before the season began). By position, the breakdown is 16 forwards (14 this past year), 7 defensivemen (8 this past year), and 3 goalies (3 this past year).

    There are still only two known committments for 2007-2008: Joe and Mike Devin. It would still appear that this class will be a bit smaller and that the focus will be on blueliners. A class of 3-5 should probably be expected.

    Note: Matt Hedge and Kevin McLeod were added to the roster at the beginning of the season.