July 6, 2006

2006-2007 Roster Updated, Again

Here's another updated look at this coming year's Big Red roster: Cornell presently stands to lose 6 players due to graduation and 2 to early departure. Those graduated are Cam and Chris Abbott, Louis Chabot, Jon Gleed, Matt Moulson, and Dan Pegoraro; while David McKee and Sasha Pokulok are the 2 who have left early. As a group that's 4 forwards, 2 defensiveman, and 2 goalies.

Assuming everyone else on the roster returns, next year shapes up like this:

Seniors: 6 (6 in 2005-2006)
F - Byron Bitz
F - Mitch Carefoot
F - Mark McCutcheon
D - Dan Glover
D - Ryan O'Byrne
D - Evan Salmela

Juniors: 5 (7 in 2005-2006)
F - Chris Fontas
F - Raymond Sawada
F - Topher Scott
D - Doug Krantz
G - Troy Davenport

Sophomores: 8 (4 in 2005-2006)
F - Evan Barlow
F - Matt Connors
F - Michael Kennedy
F - Ryan Kindret
F - Tyler Mugford
D - Taylor Davenport
D - Jared Seminoff
G - Dan DiLeo

Freshmen: 8 (8 in 2005-2006)
F - Blake Gallagher
F - Colin Greening
F - Justin Milo
F - Tony Romano
F - Joe Scali
D - Brendon Nash
D - Justin Krueger
G - Ben Scrivens

  • F - Joe Devin
  • D - Mike Devin

    As it stands, that's 27 players scheduled to be on campus this fall. That compares to 25 players on the roster this past year. By position, the breakdown is 16 forwards (14 this past year), 8 defensivemen (8 this past year), and 3 goalies (3 this past year).

    At present there are still only two known committments for 2007-2008: Joe and Mike Devin. With the forward-heavy composition of the last two classes this next class figures to be light on frontliners. It would be a surprise if more than one or two players join Joe Devin in the forward class. With Sasha's decision to sign with Washington the defensive side of the team is in need of an infusion of talent, at least for the sake of positional depth. In 2007-2008 there will be only six defensive skaters on the roster, and going into this season only two have seen any real playing time: Doug Krantz and Jared Seminoff. Of course, that will change after this year as those currently untested will find ample opportunity to prove they're ready for significant minutes. I think it's still fair to expect the staff to add three (at least two) more defensive players to the next class, in addition to Mike Devin.
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