February 4, 2006

Thiessen Update

Research on Ice has a story on Brad Thiessen in today's newsletter. Brad sounds like a great kid who's worked very hard, both on the ice and in the classroom. According to the article Brad has eliminated the Big Red from consideration. Although he seemed to enjoy his visit, he says in the article that he just didn't feel it was the "right place" for him. Brad seems set on North Dakota if an opening for next year is there. Other schools cited as still being in the hunt are Bowling Green, Clarkson, and Quinnipiac (which has a committment from Merritt mate Brandon Wong).

The news that Brad has apparently said no to Cornell wasn't the most surprsing aspect of the article. This quote from Brad is what killed any lingering Colgate buzz I had from Friday night's win: "[Cornell's] losing both of their goalies at the end of the season...They pretty much told me McKee wouldn't be coming back after this season..." Of course, until this becomes official David McKee still wears the Cornell sweater...repeat: David McKee still wears the Cornell sweater.

So, where would such a development leave the program? Assuming Dan DiLeo returns, Cornell would have two goalies who have yet to play a minute in the collegiate ranks, as Ben Scrivens also joins the Big Red next year. Dan and Ben may be exactly what Cornell fans have come to expect from a Big Red goalie, but such inexperience might help explain why Cornell ostensibly continues to recruit 2 goalies for the 2006 class. Perhaps their attention may now turn to Alex Kangas (Sioux Falls/USHL). Alex, who is from Minnesota, is said to long for Gopher glory. However, Minnesota may not be interested in bringing in a goalie next year and chatter has Alex wanting to move on to college in 2006. Alex's teammate at Sioux Falls, John Murray could also be a target. John was just named the Goalie of the Month in the USHL and hails from Pennsylvania. Another goalie in the USHL who might be of interest is Pat McGann (Cedar Rapids). Pat was drafted last year in the 7th Round by the Dallas Stars. In the BCHL, Alex Evin (Powell River) and Corey Milan (Penticton) could also be of interest to the Big Red. Alex has been in the BCHL for 3 years and has steadily improved his numbers. Additionally, Alex was the Kings' top academic player in his first year in the league. Corey is in his 2nd year with Penticton and is from Massachusetts. Another name that may surface is Matt Dalton (Bozeman/NAHL), who's from Ontario and currently leads all NAHL goalies. There are other players out there that may fit the Big Red profile. Stay tuned, this is going to be an interesting next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Unless he was only planning on sticking around Cornell for a year or two, why would it be so important to Thiessen that McKee return for his senior season? We can argue whether it's the goalie or the system but recent history suggests Cornell would have someone suitable to play goalie.

BRP said...

I don't think it was important to him at all. I think he was looking for an opportunity to play earlier (as most are).

And then he picks Northeastern...go figure.