November 23, 2005

Dupont off the board

Jeremie Dupont, Aurora (OPJHL), whom appeared to be the type of student-athlete well-suited for Cornell has verballed to Nebraska-Omaha. Dupont, a very good student and goalie prospect in the class of 2007, will be pushing his studies ahead in order to join UN-O a year early.

Things are getting very interesting on the recruiting front for goalies. Cornell has lost out on their top choices for 2 years in a row, and though unconfirmed, my gut tells me Dupont would have been one of their top targets next year. The misses in recruiting, coupled with the defection of Troy Davenport last year, could turn a program strength into a potential weakness. When a program is built on defense there is little room for error when recruting goalies. Cornell is becoming very thin at that position, which seems to be somewhat confirmed by Coach Schafer's unwillingness to dress Don DiLeo in light of David McKee's early season play. With most of the glamour goalies gone (the 4 from the NTDP, Cheverie, Jakiel), Cornell may be looking at Plan B for its 2nd year in a row. There are still plenty of names out there, though it's always fewer for Cornell due to its academic profile. Some names that could be of interest (pending their academic qualifications) are Alex Kangas and John Murray, both of Sioux Falls (USHL); Billy Blase, Salmon Arm (BCHL); and Brian Stewart, Alberni Valley (BCHL). Stewart, who is already 20 years old (as is Davenport), currently leads the BCHL in GAA. One also wonders if, given Billy Sauer's brilliant beginning in Ann Arbor, Jakiel might rethink his committment to Michigan. And then there is Bachman...who is anything but a plan B type prospect.

A few other names...
Stephane Cesar, Valleyfield (Quebec AAA)
Ryan Simpson, Jr. Monarchs (EJHL)

Both Cesar & Simpson are B-rated players by NHL Central Scouting.

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