January 7, 2009

2009 ECAC Hockey Recruiting Rankings: Prelims

Here's the first look at the ECAC's 2009-2010 recruiting classes. The formula is the same as that which had been used in the previous two editions. For background, take a look at the initial 2007 final rankings. BRP will update the rankings after NHL Central Scouting releases it mid-term list.

Please note that St. Lawrence is currently unranked due to the size of its class. SLU will be calculated when its class size (currently at three) hits four.

Note: Students listed on Chris Heisenberg's list as 2009 or 2010 are assumed to be entering with the 2009 class.

2009 ECAC Hockey

1) Clarkson - Players, 9; Grade, A+
  • Talent across the board. The Knights did very well with home-state cooking, picking up 5 players with NY connections.
    Pre-Buzz: Take your pick, but with a bit of bias...Nik Pokulok (6' 5", 220), 1990-born defenseman, Northwood/Prep. Can't wait to see him after he's filled out: Yikes.

    2) Harvard - Players, 7; Grade, A+
  • Could turn out to be the league's top class. Big question might be whether the Crimson can keep Leblanc aboard.
    Pre-Buzz: Louis Leblanc (6', 178), 1991-born forward, Omaha/USHL. The youngest player among the USHL's top-10 scorers. Projected to go in the first-round of this summer's NHL draft.

    3) Dartmouth - Players, 4; Grade, A+
  • Not many players, yet, but a quartet of talented forwards is a great start.
    Pre-Buzz: Dustin Walsh (6' 2", 175), 1991-born winger, Trenton/OJHL. Tough, relentless worker is going to give opponents fits. Currently leads a struggling Trenton team in scoring.
    NHL: Mark Goggin, #197 (Boston) in 2008.

    4) Cornell - Players, 6; Grade, B-
  • Getting bigger, and both blueliners are already drafted...nice building blocks.
    Pre-Buzz: Erik Axell (6' 4", 197), 1990-born forward, St. Michael's/OJHL. Has grown another inch and doubled his point production in his second year with the Buzzers; from the same prep program (Upper Canada College) as Big Red co-captain, Colin Greening.
    NHL: Braden Birch, #179 (Chicago) in 2008.
    NHL: Nick D'Agostino, #210 (Pittsburgh) in 2008.

    5) Colgate - Players, 4; Grade, B-
  • A core trio of forwards should continue the Raiders' ascent within the conference.
    Pre-Buzz: Thomas Larkin (6' 4", 215), 1990-born center, Phillips Exeter/Prep. Should bring some more beef to Colgate's backend.

    6) Yale - Players, 7; Grade, C+
  • Forwards, defensemen, and a goalie...Bulldogs cover the ice. Gotta love Andrew Miller (5' 9", 175), the 1988-born forward with Chicago (USHL) currently leads the league in scoring.
    Pre-Buzz: Antoine Laganiere (6' 4", 200), 1990-born centerman, Deerfield/Prep. A mighty big center-piece for some of those high flying pups.

    7t) Princeton - Players, 6; Grade, C-
  • Nice blend of forwards adds nicely to Princeton's existing firepower.
    Pre-Buzz: Mike Condon (6' 2", 195), 1990-born goalie, Belmont Hill/Prep. Having a strong senior season in New England; adds depth and size to the Tigers' crease.

    7t) RPI - Players, 6; Grade, C-
  • Currently all forwards in this underrated class that could have three players selected on draft day.
    Pre-Buzz: Brandon Pirri (6', 170), 1991-born forward, Georgetown/OJHL. Talented offensive player who should be among the league's top rookies.

    9) Brown - Players, 5; Grade, C-
  • A couple of nice additions, but will need more help to move up.
    Pre-Buzz: Lindsay Sparks (5' 9", 172), 1990-born center, Oakville/OJHL. Bruno's smallest player may turn out to be its biggest catch.

    10) Union - Players, 5; Grade, D+
  • The Dutchmen continues to focus on more developed players, which should help its emergence.
    Pre-Buzz: Wayne Simpson (5' 11", 190), 1989-born forward, Lawrence/Prep. Currently one of the top scorers in NE prep play; should make an immediate impact.

    11) Quinnipiac - Players, 7; Grade, D-
  • Continue to load up with BCHL players. A class deep with scorers that is probably undervalued.
    Pre-Buzz: Reese Rolheiser (5' 10", 170), 1988-born center, SHerwood Park/Alberta JHL. Among all those BCHLers, the best incoming 'Cat might be one of the top scorers in Alberta.
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