September 28, 2007

INCH Recruiting Rankings

Inside College Hockey has released its rankings of the top incoming players and classes for 2007-2008. Riley Nash is the ECAC's highest ranked recruit, coming in as the 4th-ranked forward.

Overall ECAC rankings:

Top-20 Forwards:
4, Riley Nash, Cornell
15, Tyler Helfrich, RPI
18, Scott Freeman, Clarkson

Top-20 Defensemen:
11, Bryan Brutlag, RPI
14, Brian Rufenach, Clarkson

Top-10 Goalies:
8, Allen Reynolds, Princeton.

Top-15 Classes:
12, Clarkson (tied for 7th in BRP's rankings)
13, RPI (5th in BRP's rankings)

Total selections = 6
(2) Clarkson
(2) RPI
(1) Cornell
(1) Princeton


Anonymous said...

CLARKSON Tied for 7 in the ECAC on BRP....INCH is 12 Nationally....worth noting. BRP is a lot of "home cooking" it appears

BRP said...

Since Harvard finished number 1, BRP will have to fire the chef. Cornell will have to earn it using the same rules as every other school in the league.

Two things to note:
1) BRP's rankings are skewed towards professional potential with the highest bonuses going ultimately towards those drafted by the NHL. Of course, the thinking is that those players will also have the greatest impact on the college game.
2) BRP's rankings haven't found a good baseline to use with international players, outside of Central Scouting.

Regarding #2, Clarkson is hurt (a little) in BRP's rankings due to Tuohimaa; whereas, Clarkson would have been helped if they had signed Cunti. BRP thought about excluding international players from the ranking, but to do so would also mean excluding them if they were to appear on Central Scouting's list and if they were to be drafted -- which would penalize a class more significantly than neccesary. Obviously, this, doesn't mean that Tuohimaa won't turn out to be a great college player, it only means there wasn't an adequate statistical reference point. Until the 2 late additions, BRP had Clarkson's class in the 3-4 position.