April 30, 2006

April Poll Recap

May is upon us. Lynah's renovation continues and it's on its way toward a new season.

Here's a recap of last month's poll:
"Which school would you most like to see Cornell schedule home-and-home?"

The results were as follows:

  • Michigan, 33% (Go Red...go blue)
  • Wisconsin, 16% (good vibes still linger)
  • Denver, 14% (small boost from some USCHO posters)
  • Boston University, 13% (may be on the horizon)
  • Minnesota, 9% (ugly rodent redux)
  • North Dakota and Colorado College, 4% (long trip, but I'd love to see the Ralph)
  • Maine, 3% (see this month's poll)
  • New Hampshire, 2% (see this month's poll)
  • Boston College, 1% (only thought there was this little love among SU fans)

    Thank you for voting & please remember to vote in this month's Puckhead Poll.
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